Let’s Get Your Business Moving Forward!

Are you a small business owner, real estate agent or self-employed entrepreneur? Do you find yourself getting bogged down by tasks you either do not have time for or just plain do not enjoy doing?  Are they preventing you from reaching your business goals? If so, it sounds like it is a good time to start partnering with a Virtual Assistant!

As a Virtual Assistant, I can take care of all the tasks you have to get done, but hate doing.  I am here to help you and your business in any way I can.  Essentially, my job is to get you working on your business instead of in your business, because the things you should not be doing are wasting your precious time.  My knowledge and expertise ranges from administrative tasks to website and social media marketing.  


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional that helps your business with tasks that may seem overwhelming.   They generally assist clients remotely from a home office and provide administrative and online support.  

Partnering with a virtual assistant can help your business run smoothly and give you the time to create new projects and do what you love.

What are the benefits of hiring a VA?
It’s simple; you save time, money and space!

Why Would I Need to Hire Stephanie?

Being an entrepreneur is a tough gig.  You are trying to run a business and continue to grow, but you get bogged down by daily tasks that never seem to ease off.  My job is to come in and take those tasks off your hands while helping you implement systems to promote and market your business.  

The best way to determine whether you need me on your team is to ask yourself these three questions regarding your business:


1. Are there things you have to get done, but hate doing?
2. What are the things you cannot do, the things you struggle with?
3. What are the things you should not be doing?


If you are able to come up with answers for any of these questions, you are more than likely ready for some help.  Time is your commodity and it is best used somewhere else so you can do what you are good at.


“Working with Stephanie has really benefitted my social media visibility and strategy. She creates schedules, content calendars, banners, relevant memes, and even goes deep into the content that I’ve written over the past several years to pull out the ‘nuggets’ and maximize not only my new content, but what I’ve created in the past. And after all that, she schedules it all into my social media, which is something I just didn’t have the time to do on my own before. It’s been a HUGE help to me. She’s professional and reliable, she’s got great ideas, and she gets it done!”

Suzannah Baum, SuzannahBaum.com

I really enjoy working with Stephanie, she is always professional and delivers a quality service.

Fabienne Fayad, Founder of Entrepreneuses.org

I’ve been working with Stephanie for a few months now and it’s dramatically transformed my business. If you want to have the time to grow your business and do the things you’re good at, you need to work with Stephanie. I feel so at ease knowing that I have someone reliable, who takes initiative, helping me with tasks that just weren’t getting the love they deserved before. Stephanie is part of my team and she genuinely cares about my business. And holy smokes is she ever on the ball! I constantly and confidently send referrals her way.  She’s amazing!

Christine Joy Décary, Parallel Branding
514.583.3466 | info@stephaniegafoor.com